Empower Youth Honolulu

Give the gift of lifelong learning to at-risk youth in Honolulu.

We help under-served youth in Honolulu see 1 year’s growth

with as little as 40 hours of instruction.

More than just a tutoring center in Honolulu.

Fit Learning is not a one-size, fits all tutoring center in Honolulu. We help our learners build fluency in areas of struggle using the only method that combines learning science, precision teaching, and comprehensive assessments – something standard tutoring in reading, math, writing, logic, and language simply cannot achieve.

A center loved by Honolulu

We are located in Kaka’ako, which is Honolulu’s up and coming urban neighborhood. Bordered by downtown Honolulu, and Waikiki, we work and play in one of the most ideal locations in the world. We love being apart of Kakaako as an epicenter of activity – we enjoy everything from restaurants, shops, street art, and boutiques within walking distance.

We serve learners within the Honolulu School District, Windward School District, Central School District, Leeward School District. This includes greater O’ahu island!

Your Donation Can Make a Difference!

Your gift makes a real difference in the lives of children. Education and Learning is so critical, supporting the ongoing development of at risk youth in Honolulu to ensure they reach their full potential!

The Fit Learning Honolulu Leadership Team

Director – Christine K Walton, PhD., BCBA-D., LBA

Email: honoluluip@fitlearninghon.com

Dr. Walton was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She received her Ph.D. in Learning and Behavioral Sciences from West Virginia University. In addition, she re-specialized in Clinical Psychology at the University of Hawai’i.  Dr. Walton has been a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst since 2000 and is also a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

In graduate school, Dr. Walton heard Dr. Carl Binder speak about Precision Teaching (PT). She immediately wanted to learn more about PT. Dr. Binder became a mentor and immediately connected her to Elizabeth Haughton, one of the leaders in the PT field. Dr. Walton had the privilege of working with Elizabeth Haughton and spent the summer of 1998 at the Haughton Learning Center in Napa. Dr. Walton also had the privilege of connecting with Dr. Ogden Lindsey who showed her the power of PT and the chart.  Dr. Walton is happy to reconnect with her long-time colleagues Dr. Nick Berens and Dr. Kimberly Berens and to be a part of the Fit family to transform the lives of learners in O’ahu.

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Your endowment to The Empower Youth Foundation will be invested, creating a permanent, yearly-gift. This allows you to keep on giving, year after year. Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss endowment options.